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Friday, May 27, 2011

Tugas Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2 Part 4

1.One of the girl usually … beutifully.
  1. dances
  2. dance
  3. dancing
  4. have danced 
     jawaban : c dancing

2. He was an …
a. university student
b. hour late
c. European man
d. obedient childern

jawaban :  a. university student

3. I met girl yesterday … girl’s name is Nadia
a. an
b. the
c. its
d. a

jawaban :  b the

   4. You should bring … umbrella.
a. a
b. some
c. many
  d. an

   jawaban :  a. a

5. Are there an apple in the refrigerator in the kitchen ?
      A                             B        C                        D

jawaban :  A seharusnya is bukan are

6. One of the participant of the seminar are from New York ?
     A                  B               C               D

jawaban : D  seharusnya came bukan are
7. My little brother always play with me in the afternoon .
             A                           B           C                  D

jawaban : B seharusnya playing bukan play
8. How much are the pink hat on tabble over there ?
      A               B          C              D

jawaban :  B seharusnya is bukan are

Friday, May 20, 2011

Tugas Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2 Part 3

  1. Let’s go to the canteen, .. ?
a.       shall we
b.      don’t we
c.       can we
d.      should we
Jawab : B

  1. … your sister like classical music?
a.       Do
b.      Has
c.       Does
d.      Have
Jawab : C

  1. The museum … at the moment.
a.       is being painted
b.      being painted
c.       painted
d.      having painted
Jawab : A

  1. I think it is a … book.
a.       important
b.      interesting
c.       very interesting
d.      nicely
Jawab : D

  1. My parents are …
a.       tired
b.      very
c.       so
d.      come
Jawab : A

  1. after finishing the final examination, they decided go to bali to spend their holiday
               A                          B                                     C                      D
Jawab : A seharusnya finish
7.   Are you  enough strong to carry the heavy box?
       A                   B                   C             D
Jawab : B harusnya have enough strong

8.   Everyone know that Jack and Lisa are kind and polite.
                          A                   B            C                 D
Jawab : c seharusnya is bukan are

9.   Is there an apples on the table in the dining room?
            A            B                C                              D
Jawab : B harusnya apple

10. He always try to contact his grilfriend every Saturday.
                  A               B                  C                D
Jawab : A harusnya always trying