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Friday, May 27, 2011

Tugas Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2 Part 4

1.One of the girl usually … beutifully.
  1. dances
  2. dance
  3. dancing
  4. have danced 
     jawaban : c dancing

2. He was an …
a. university student
b. hour late
c. European man
d. obedient childern

jawaban :  a. university student

3. I met girl yesterday … girl’s name is Nadia
a. an
b. the
c. its
d. a

jawaban :  b the

   4. You should bring … umbrella.
a. a
b. some
c. many
  d. an

   jawaban :  a. a

5. Are there an apple in the refrigerator in the kitchen ?
      A                             B        C                        D

jawaban :  A seharusnya is bukan are

6. One of the participant of the seminar are from New York ?
     A                  B               C               D

jawaban : D  seharusnya came bukan are
7. My little brother always play with me in the afternoon .
             A                           B           C                  D

jawaban : B seharusnya playing bukan play
8. How much are the pink hat on tabble over there ?
      A               B          C              D

jawaban :  B seharusnya is bukan are

Friday, May 20, 2011

Tugas Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2 Part 3

  1. Let’s go to the canteen, .. ?
a.       shall we
b.      don’t we
c.       can we
d.      should we
Jawab : B

  1. … your sister like classical music?
a.       Do
b.      Has
c.       Does
d.      Have
Jawab : C

  1. The museum … at the moment.
a.       is being painted
b.      being painted
c.       painted
d.      having painted
Jawab : A

  1. I think it is a … book.
a.       important
b.      interesting
c.       very interesting
d.      nicely
Jawab : D

  1. My parents are …
a.       tired
b.      very
c.       so
d.      come
Jawab : A

  1. after finishing the final examination, they decided go to bali to spend their holiday
               A                          B                                     C                      D
Jawab : A seharusnya finish
7.   Are you  enough strong to carry the heavy box?
       A                   B                   C             D
Jawab : B harusnya have enough strong

8.   Everyone know that Jack and Lisa are kind and polite.
                          A                   B            C                 D
Jawab : c seharusnya is bukan are

9.   Is there an apples on the table in the dining room?
            A            B                C                              D
Jawab : B harusnya apple

10. He always try to contact his grilfriend every Saturday.
                  A               B                  C                D
Jawab : A harusnya always trying

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tugas Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2 part 2

1. He was an ….

a. European man

Karena :dia menyatakn seseorang

2. I met a girls yesterday. … girl’s name is Nadia

c. Its

Karena : karena bentuk kalimatnya pasten

3. You should bring … umbrella

a. a

Karena : karena objeknya adalah sebuah benda

4. I need to drink … water because ia thirsty

b. Some

Karena : air tidak dapat dihitung jumlahnya jadinya harus menggunakan some

5. I attended the book launching yesterday, but I could not get the write’s authograph

c. Could not get

Karena : seharusnya I could’t get

6. The bedroom is small too for the ten children to sleep in

b. Small too

Karena : seharusnya too small

7. Peter said that Nadine and linda moving to another city

c. Moving

Karena : seharusnya moved bukan moving dikarenakan kalimat ini menyatakan lampau

8. My brother always goes to campus on car every day

d. On car

Karena : seharusnya by car yang berarti menggunakan mobil


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tugas Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2 part 1

1. My mother bought three ..... two days ago.

a. Knives

b. Knifes

c. book

d. brief

Jawab : a. Knives

Alasan : karena soal yang disebutkan soal " three " ( lebih dari satu atau jamak ) jadi objeknya plural. dan pilihan yang tepat adalah Knives

2. Mathematics ..... not my favorite lesson

a. are

b. is

c. were

d. become

Jawab : b. is

Alasan : karena soal berbentuk singular

3. I have two .... . you can borrow one of them if you like.

a. dictionary

b. pen

c. dictionarys

d. dictionaries

Jawab : d. dictionaries

Alasan : karena bentuk prural yang tepat terdapat pada objek dictionaries

4. He is eating …. cake

a. a stand of

b. a bar of

c. a piece of

d. a block of

Jawab : c. a piece of

Alasan : karena kata yang tepat unutk kue adalah sepotong bukan sebatang. Jadi jawabannya a piee of cake.

5. How many child do Mr. and Mrs. Nathan have ?

a. How

b. child

c. and

d. have

Jawab : b. Child

Alasan : karena kalimat ini berbentuk prural ( have ) jadi kata child harusnya menjadi children

6. Do Ann and her husband still lives in this city ?

a. and

b. husband

c. lives

d. city

Jawab : c. Lives

Alasan : karena Do verbnya tidak ada tambahan “ s ” dibelakangnya jadi kata Lives mestinya hanya live

7. she always wash her clothes in her free time or in the afternoon.

a. wash

b. clothes

c. her free

d. in the

Jawab : a. was

Alasan : subjeknya she ( singular ) maka bentuk verbnya = verb 1 + s/es menjadi “ wahes “

8. The car that he bought several weeks ago were stolen last night.

a. the

b. bought

c. weeks

d. were

Jawab : d. were

Alasan : harusnya to be was ( singular ) karena the carnya singular